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Vincenzo Bellini

Publisher: AMP

Norma (1831)
Work Notes
G. Schirmer controls the rights in the English translation by William Weaver for this work but does not supply orchestral materials.
Text Writer
Libretto by Felice Romani. English translation by William Weaver.
G Schirmer Inc
Opera and Music Theatre
Year Composed
2 Hours 41 Minutes
English, Italian

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Libretto Libretto

Programme Note
Vincenzo Bellini Norma (1831)

Cast List:
   POLLIONE, Roman Proconsul in Gaul: Tenor
   OROVESO, Archdruid, father of Norma): Bass
   NORMA, Druid High Priestess: Soprano
   ADALGISA, Novice in the Druid temple: Soprano
   CLOTILDE, Norma's confidante: Soprano
   FLAVIO, Centurion: Tenor
   Priests, Officers of the Temple, Gallic Warriors, Bards, Soothsayers, Sacrificers, Priestesses. Two children of Norma and Pollione.

Set in ancient Gaul, Norma tells the story of the struggle between the Druids and the invading Romans. Norma is a Druid priestess who has had two children by the local Roman leader Pollione. But Pollione has fallen in love with Norma’s friend Adalgisa. Distraught, Normal asks Adalgisa to take her children and return with Pollione to Rome. Adalgisa refuses and decides to renounce Pollione and become a priestess. Finally, Norma publicly admits that she has forsaken her vows and is condemned to death. Pollione, moved by her bravery, decides to die with her.

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