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Sofia Gubaidulina

Publisher: G. Schirmer

...Early in the Morning, Right Before Waking... (1993)
Work Notes
available in the USA, Canada and Mexico only
Hans Sikorski Russian Works
Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
Year Composed
10 Minutes
Programme Note
Sofia Gubaidulina ...Early in the Morning, Right Before Waking... (1993)
Composer note:

This piece is dedicated to a unique and amazing koto player named Kazue Sawai. The impressions that I received on hearing her perform for the first time, the aural and the visual appreciation of her talent and technique, were reinforced and made even more profound when I stayed in her home for a week. Getting to know her personally through the koto was an enriching experience. The whole seven days that I spent with the koto and 17-string koto were truly unforgettable. My joy transcended anything that could be described in words. I touched the strings awkward and shivering fingers, but the koto received my inexperienced touch with affection and sensitivity. I sensed the profoundness of these instruments and now have a very close bond with them, having spent days and night together. One morning I awoke and thought I could hear them conversing. I guessed they had been playing my music just before I awoke.

---Sofia Gubaidulina

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