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Dmitri Kabalevsky

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Thirty-Five Easy Pieces (1974), opus 89
Work Notes
Le Chant du Monde is the publisher of the work in the world excl. USA, Canada, Austria, Great Britain, Russia+CIS, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Israel, Iceland, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Poland & Turkey. G Schirmer is the publisher of the work in the USA, Canada and Mexico only
Schirmer Russian Music/Le Chant du Monde
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Year Composed
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Programme Note
Dmitri Kabalevsky Thirty-Five Easy Pieces (1974), opus 89
1. The First Piece, Andante
2. The First Etude, Tranquillo
3. A Low Song, Cantabile
4. The Break, Allegro
5. The First Waltz, Non allegro
6. Jumping Champion, Marcato
7. Light and Shade, Moderato
8. A Little Hedgehog, Allegretto staccatissimo
9. Song at the Octave, Moderato cantabile
10. The Playful Girl, Allegro
11. Cry-Baby, Andante, dolente
12. Cross Patch, Allegro marcato
13. A Gentle Song, Moderato
14. A Morning Song, Andantino
15. The Trumpeter and the Echo, Marcato
16. An Evening Song, Andante cantabile
17. Skipping Rope, Gioioso
18. On the Ice, Vivo
19. The Lame Kid, Allegretto
20. The Trumpet and the Drum, Marciale
21. The Little Juggler, Scherzando leggiero
22. March, Risoluto
23. The Brave Song, Con fuoco
24. A Little Harpist, Allegretto
25. Joke Song, Scherzando
26. A Merry Tune, Allegro
27. My Stubborn Little Brother, Moderato
28. Dance of Buratino, Allegro marcato
29. Melody, Tranquillo, cantabile
30. Naughty, Energico
31. A Little Hare Teasing a Little Bear, Allegretto
32. Dance of a Young Hippo, Andante pesante
33. Quasi-Waltz, Tranquillo
34. A Melancholic Rain, Adagio
35. At the River, Lento

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