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Asbjørn Schaathun

Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen

"S" (1992)
Wilhelm Hansen
Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
Year Composed
4 Minutes
Programme Note
"s" - miniatüre pour ensemble, was commissioned by the ULTIMA-festival, Oslo, in 1992 for the french Ensemble FA (Dominique My). It received it's premiere, however, the following year at the same festival, by the Stockholm-based KammarensembleN under Jonas Dominique. The piece was written between june and september 1992. The piece is dedicated to the, at that time, director of the ULTIMA-festval John Persen.

"s" is a miniature version of a work-in-progress named "S2" ("S squared"). Both pieces takes it's point of departure in the idea of presenting very different musical ideas or textures in an almost Stravinskyan clear-cut manner, which in the course of the longer version are superimposed, then unified, through transformations of the different materials. This is both on a conceptual and technical level about investigations - which I started off in my bass-clarinet concerto "Actions, Interpolations and Analyses" (1988-90) - where I'm trying to relate seemingly unrelated musical "objects".

A. Schaathun nov.-94

  • Ensemble
    Oslo Sinfonietta, Christian Eggen
    Darlén Bakke (piano), Bjørn Rabben (marimba), Einar Fjærvoll (vibraphone) etc
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