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Joby Talbot

Publisher: Chester Music

The Winter's Tale (2013)
Chester Music Ltd
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  • 14 NOV 2015
    The Winter's Tale Country Premiere
    Four Seasons Centre, Toronto, Canada
    National Ballet of Canada

    Other Dates:
    15-22 November - Four Seasons Centre, Toronto, Canada
  • 07 JUN 2015
    The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
    Royal Opera House

    Other Dates:
    13,12,16,18,20,21,27,28,30 April 2016; 21 May 2016; 1,4 June 2016 - The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
  • 12 APR 2014
    Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
    Royal Opera House Orchestra

    Other Dates:
    15,16,22,23,26,28,29 April; 1,8 May - Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
  • 10 APR 2014
    The Winter's Tale World Premiere
    Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
    Royal Opera House Orchestra

It is to the credit of Christopher Wheeldon that his realisation of The Winter's Tale as a three-act spectacle for the Royal Ballet is as managed as managed as it is. And in everything he is sustained by Joby Talbot's vividly responsive score.
Clement Crisp , Finacial Times,4/13/2014
Winter's Tale is one of the most fully achieved story ballets to be created at the Royal in years.
Judith Mackrell , The Guardian ,4/11/2014
What’s striking is the synthesis of dance, music and designs. Reuniting the team from his Alice in Wonderland, Wheeldon's eloquent storytelling is propelled by Joby Talbot's driving score, its rhythmic accents, perky tunes and underlying ominousness pointing us in all the right directions.
Lyndsey Winship, London Evening Standard ,4/11/2014
The Winter’s Tale is a triumph. It is contemporary and classical, traditional and modern, narrative and abstract. It feels like something entirely new...The score by Joby Talbot is equally rich; the variety of the orchestration and the momentum of the melodies make it both stirring and effective; in the second act a folk band arrives on stage without ever falling into cliché.
Sarah Crompton, The Telegraph ,4/11/2014
This exquisite new ballet by Christopher Wheeldon transports the Covent Garden audience to undiscovered waters and undreamed shores...Joby Talbot’s specially-commissioned new score is masterful, with sweeping classical strings for the rushing storyline and more jittery flutes and rattling percussion to coincide with Leontes’ descent into turmoil, and seething, vengeful orchestration for the more sinister moments.
Katherine Colombus , The Stage ,4/11/2014
With a score by Joby Talbot that flits between Hitchcockian intensity and alluring folk, Wheeldon's adaptation conveys the highs and lows of love through swooping contrasts and diverse duets.
Freire Barnes , Time Out,1/1/0001
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