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Joby Talbot

Publisher: Chester Music

Hovercraft (2004)
Commissioned by the Kensington Symphony Orchestra in memory of David Graves and with assistance from the Making Music/Arts Council England Special Activities Fund.
Work Notes
included as part of the ballet "Chroma"
Chester Music Ltd
Sub Category
Large Orchestra
Year Composed
5 Minutes
Programme Note
Joby Talbot Hovercraft (2004)
Hydrofoils are nothing compared to hovercrafts. They might be cheaper and more reliable
but where’s the romance in a hydrofoil? I well remember my family’s annual pilgrimage to
Pegwell Bay in the 70s to watch the hovercrafts come in from France; terrifying machines
pounding across the ocean then remorselessly surging up the beach spouting great fountains
of surf and with the noise of a thousand Lancaster bombers. Where did they all go?

Joby Talbot

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"The highlight was the pictographic orchestral work “Hovercraft” by Joby Talbot, who will turn forty next year. Similar to Arthur Honnegger’s “Pacific 231”, dedicated to a locomotive, Joby Talbot musically portrays the moving energy, but also the floating poise of the famous boat.”
Helmut Peters, Die Welt,03/01/2011
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