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Jocelyn Pook

Publisher: Chester Music

Voice Games
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4voices(2 western, 2 Jathi).cl(bcl.asx.barsx,fl)
Chester Music Ltd
Electroacoustic Works
6 Minutes
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Jocelyn Pook Voice Games
In autumn 2001 Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company commissioned me to write the music for their new piece 'Phantasmaton'. The starting point was a Jathi chant I heard in rehearsal one afternoon. Jathi is the name for the rhythmic syllables chanted alongside footwork in Indian Classical dance - a kind of musical mnemonics. Sowmya, one of the dancers, had recorded a repeated chant for the dancers to use as a pulse. Later that evening, she kindly left a selection of Katak rhythms on my answerphone for me to experiment with. The piece plays with different counts and chants, and uses the multi-layered voices of Melanie Pappenheim, an extract from a Selk'nam chant (Argentina) and a sample of a rhythmic tribal chant from Benin, which I found in an anthology of vocal expression called Voices of the World. Also woven into the piece is the voice of Natacha Atlas, who performed live with the SJDC on their 2002-2003 tour.

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