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Joby Talbot

Publisher: Chester Music

The Wishing Tree (2002)
Text Writer
Kathleen Jamie
Chester Music Ltd
Chorus a cappella / + 1 instrument
Year Composed
4 Minutes
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Programme Note
Joby Talbot The Wishing Tree (2002)
The feeling I would most readily associate with the Elizabethan madrigalists is a sense of perpetual yearning. Kathleen Jamie's poem expresses just such a sense of longing but bypasses the Arcadian idyll to link people's expectations & desires more directly to the natural world. My music is accordingly punchy & angular - a sense of desperation creeping in as words & syllables are bounced from one side of the ensemble to the other.

Joby Talbot's The Wishing Tree (words by Kathleen Jamie) traded on rapid hocketing and changes of register and dynamic, at once medieval and minimalist, and told of a composer confident in his individual inner voice.
Stephen Pettit, Evening Standard,26/07/2002
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