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Michael Nyman

Publisher: Chester Music

Fourths, Mostly (2001)
Commission by Symphony Hall on the occasion of the Inauguration of the Symphony Hall organ
Chester Music Ltd
Solo Keyboard(s)
Year Composed
10 Minutes

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Programme Note
Michael Nyman Fourths, Mostly (2001)
The interval of the fourth almost exclusively - from the right hand repeated/sustained chords and the melodic shape of the pedal part at the beginning, to the ‘middle section’ with its right hand parallel fourths and left hand parallel 5ths (inverted fourths!) and later fourths stacked on top of each other.

Commissioned by Symphony Hall Birmingham and written for Thomas Trotter to whom I am extremely grateful for his suggestions as to hand and foot practicalities and his unilateral decisions on registration.

© Michael Nyman 2001

  • 19 OCT 2012
    Phillharmonie Essen, Germany
    Thomas Trotter, organ
  • 07 FEB 2005
    Leeds Cathedral
    Thomas Trotter (org)
  • 18 JAN 2005
    Philharmonic Hall, Warsaw
    Thomas Trotter (org)
  • 04 OCT 2004
    Symphony Hall, Birmingham
    Thomas Trotter (org)
  • 08 AUG 2004
    Christinae Church, Göteborg, Sweden
    Mikael Wahlin, organ / Lasse Lindgren, didgeridoo / Markus Ahlberg, didgeridoo
  • 29 FEB 2004
    First United Methodist Church, Little Rock, Arizona, USA
    John Scott, organ

    Other Dates:
    29 March - Slovenian Philharmonic Hall, Ljubljana
    5 March - Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, Ohio, USA
    7 March - River Centre for Performing Arts, Columbus, USA
    13 March - Rochester Cathedral
    25 April - First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, USA
    27 April - Wichita State University, USA
    30 April - All Saints Church, Ashmount, Boston, USA
    2 May - First Congregational Church, Columbus, Ohio, USA
    20 July - Westminster Abbey, London
  • 22 NOV 2003
    Örgryte nya kyrka, Göteborg, Sweden
    Mikael Wahlin, organ
  • 26 OCT 2003
    Concerts de Saint-Francois
    Eglise Saint-Francois, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Mikael Wahlin, organ
  • 03 OCT 2003
    Örgryte nya kyrka, Göteburg, Sweden
    Mikael Wahlin, organ
  • 24 NOV 2002
    St John's Cathedral, Milwaukee, WI, USA
    Kare Beaumont, organ

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