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Benedict Mason

Publisher: Novello & Co

! (1992)
commissioned by the London Sinfonietta with funds from Musica, Strasbourg and the Arts Council of Great Britain
Work Notes
players also double on Barnes and Mullins swanee flutes*, horsepipe whistles*, devil chasers* and schwirrbogen*
Chester Music Ltd
Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
Year Composed
20 Minutes

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Programme Note

Commissioned by the London Sinfonietta and Musica, Strasbourg
with funds from the Arts Council of Great Britain
First performance 4 October 1992, Palais des fĂȘtes, Strasbourg,

! Is here used not as a punctuation mark but as
a phonetic symbol for the alveopalatal click produced
by pulling the tongue sharply away from the front of
the hard palate - the classic sound made to immitate
horses hooves. (People who can't make this sound may
substitute the lateral, or fricative - phonetically: ||
click. This is the 'gee-up' click made to encourage
This is a resonant title in more ways than one: it
reflects not only the abstract and percussive qualities
of the piece, but its mouth resonance reflects the
rich superimposition of horizontal layers sometimes to
be found in the piece. Furthermore there is the
occasional inspiration of the antiphony, polyphony,and
hocketing of flutes, mouthbows (more mouth resonance)
mbiras and singing of those peoples that use such
click sounds in their language.

B. Mason

  • 14 NOV 2013
    Royal Festival Hall
    Philharmonia Orchestra
    Helena Juntunen; Johannes Debus, conductor
  • 09 MAY 2006
    CBSO Centre, Birmingham
    Birmingham Contemporary Music Group
    Franck Ollu, conductor

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