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Michael Nyman

Publisher: Chester Music

The Garden is Becoming a Robe Room (The Draughtsman's Contract)
Work Notes
Exclusive to the Michael Nyman Band
Chester Music Ltd
Large Ensemble (7 or more players)
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Programme Note
Michael Nyman The Garden is Becoming a Robe Room (The Draughtsman's Contract)
The atmospheric, ethereal ‘The Garden is Becoming a Robe Room’ is built on two separate Purcell sources. The first makes use of the Ode ‘Here the deities approve’ from Welcome to all the Pleasures before moving on to an E minor ground from Henry Playford’s collection, Musick’s Hand-Maid (this last source had been edited by Dart and the printed volume given to Nyman as a gift when he was a student). ‘The Garden is Becoming a Robe Room’ also explores the possibilities of simultaneously overlaying different ‘phases’ of a sequential ground bass, similar to the process at work in ‘The Disposition of the Linen’ (see below). In such examples, Nyman only takes the original as a basis for recomposing the material.

  • Ensemble
    Michael Nyman Band
  • Ensemble
    Michael Nyman Band
  • Ensemble
    Michael Nyman Band
    Michael Nyman
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