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Kaija Saariaho

Publisher: Chester Music

Oi Kuu (1990)
Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Helsinki
Works for 2-6 Players
Year Composed
6 Minutes
Alternate Orchestration
bass flute and cello

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Programme Note
Kaija Saariaho Oi Kuu (1990)
OI KUU (1990), freely translated "for a moon", marks a small break between two large orchestral works, DU CRISTAL and ..À LA FUMÉE. It consists of elements which came to my mind when searching for a common denominator for bass clarinet and cello; harmony based on multiphonies of the clarinet; the multiphonies and colour transformations of the cello; similar and different articulations; different colours in the same register.

OI KUU was written at the request of Kari Kriikku and Anssi Karkttunen and is dedicated to them.

© Kaija Saariaho

  • Soloist(s)
    Alexis Descharmes, cello; Jérémie Fèvre, flute; Nicolas Baldeyrou, Bass Clarinete
  • Ensemble
    Da Camera of Houston
    Camilla Hoitenga, flute; Anssi Karttunen, cello; Daniel Belcher, baritone; Heloise Dautry, harp
  • Ensemble
    Da Camera of Houston
    Camilla Hoitenga, flute; Daniel Belcher, baritone
  • 07 APR 2019
    Göteborgs Konserthus, Göteborg, Sweden
  • 10 NOV 2017
    The Old Church, Stoke Newington, London, UK
    Scordatura Women’s Music Collective
  • 19 OCT 2017
    St James's Church, Sussex Gardens, London, UK
    Scordatura Women’s Music Collective
  • 19 MAR 2017
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Fie Schouten, clarinet
  • 09 OCT 2015
    Salzburg, Austria
    Österreichisches Ensemble für Neue Musik

    Other Dates:
    10,11 October - Salzburg, Austria
  • 03 NOV 2012
    Borusan, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 12 JUN 2012
    Festival Feldkirch
    Feldkirch, Austria
    Stump-Linshalm, clarinett duo / Moritz Müllenbach, cello
  • 03 MAY 2012
    Isabella Sewart Gardner, New York
  • 26 JUN 2011
    Kunstverein & Stiftung Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen (Lüneburger Heide), Germany
    Musicians of Ensemble Laboratorium
  • 21 JUL 2010
    Music at Leasowes
    Ratlinghope, Shropshire, UK
  • 23 MAY 2008
    Maison de la Musique, Nanterre, France
    Nicolas Fargeix, clarinet; Florian Lauridon, cello
  • 20 SEP 2006
    Finnish Institute, rue des Ecoles, Paris
    Members of Ensemble Court-Circuit: Alexis Descharmes (cello), Jérémie Fèvre (flute), Pierre Dutrieu (clarinet), David Poissonnier (electronics)
  • 25 JUN 2006
    Museum Het Domein, Sittard, The Netherlands
    Ensemble 88

    Other Dates:
    9 July - Gallery De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 10 NOV 2003
    Turin, Italy
    Fiari Ensemble
    Marilena Solavagione, conductor
  • 27 OCT 2003
    Turin, Italy
  • 21 JUN 2003
    Bochum, Germany
    Hildegard Boots, flute / Anja Schröders, cello / Melanie Geldsetzer, piano
  • 02 MAR 2003
    Soli fan tutti
    Darmstadt, Germany
    Members of the Staatstheater Darmstadt
  • 01 MAR 2003
    Musica nova Helsinki
    Helsinki Conservatory of Music
    Heikki Nikula, bass clarinet / Roi Ruottinen, cello
  • 17 MAY 2001
    Marseilles, France

Tom Service, The Guardian,01/07/2000
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