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Michael Bojesen

...Michael Bojesen does not only love singing and music, he also loves to make others love it! Leif Tuxen, kristeligt Dagblad

He is dedicated to strengthening community singing among Danes, the arts in schools and a contemporary music in churches. It is his firm belief that singing is good for our mental health, and if he can help to improve it, he is a happy man. Leif Tuxen, Kristeligt Dagblad
Key Works:
Career Highlights:
  • 2011 Michael Bojesen took up the post as chief conductor of one of Sweden’s leading choirs, The Lund Singers
  • 2008 Michael Bojesen won the National Song Prize for his great commitment to the successful cultural project 'Year of Song' 2008
  • 2001 Michael Bojesen became Chief Conductor of the Danish National Girls’ Choir
  • 1998 Michael Bojesen chosen as Danish Choral Composer of the Year
  • 1989-2006 won several prizes for his work as conductor for the chamber choir CAMERATA, including a Grammy for Best Classical Release for Händel’s Messiah in 1999

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