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Henryk Mikolaj Górecki

Publisher: Chester Music

Górecki invests  words with a simple dignity that is deeply affecting. The music as a whole is suffused with a sort of abstract folk feeling, like a religious experience that achieves its intensity through the simplicity of its musical means. - Martin Anderson,

Górecki... managed to speak to a worldwide audience, many of whom do, indeed, feel both starved of the spiritual and impatient with the rigours of the avant garde. In using modernist ideas as just one building block in the forging of his own idiom, Górecki demonstrated that it was possible for a late 20th-century composer to write music of individuality and substance while simultaneously achieving unusual success. - Keith Potter, The Guardian
Key Works:
Career Highlights:
  • 1992 release of CD of Symphony No 3 with Dawn Upshaw, achieving sales of over one million
  • 1979 conducted premiere in Kraków of Beatus Vir before newly elected Pope John Paul II
  • 1975-9 Rector of Music Academy in Katowice
  • 1973 premiere in Warsaw of Symphony No 2 'Copernican'
  • 1961 spent three months in paris on an award from the Polish Composers' Union
  • 1958 premiere of Epitafium at the second Warsaw Autumn Festival