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Donal Fox

Nationality: American

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Fox received early training in the Western classical piano repertoireat the New England Conservatory of Music, but began rebelling early. Hebegan composing in mixed idioms of jazz and classical as a teenager, studiedat Boston's famous "jazz college," Berklee and, at 17, received a scholarshipto study at the Tanglewood Music Center, summer home to the Boston SymphonyOrchestra. Fox continued to study composition and theory under an impressiveseries of tutors. One of them, GuntherSchuller, had early on proposed the blending of jazz and European classicalidioms in a concept he called "Third Stream."

The tensions in Fox's career between two traditions has lead to a uniqueand original style. When Fox's pieces were released on the omnibus composers'album Videmus (New World, l992), the Pulitzer Prize winning critic LloydSchwartz wrote, "Fox is one of the most exciting musical personalitieson the current scene. His four pieces are dazzlingly performed (or improvised)by the composer alone or with the marvelous young clarinetist Eric Thomasor the great alto-saxophonist Oliver Lake. The entire album achieves a vivid, even uncanny coherence -- really an entire new and powerful work in itself."

--Jon Garelick, Music Editor, The Boston Phoenix
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