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Juliana Hodkinson

Born: 1971

Nationality: British

Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen

Photo © Anka Bardeleben

In many ways, Juliana Hodkinson's music marks a new departure for her generation in Danish music. Hodkinson's music deals with anything but absolute music; it is concerned with the way we act, as listeners, musicians, and human beings. It is about the context of the music.

These contextual aspects may be manifested in other media, such as video, theatre or film, or they may be located more ambiguously within the music, where silence plays a central role for Hodkinson, who has written a PhD thesis on the subject. On the one hand, the silence is part of the music, while on the other hand it is a contradiction that sharpens our senses as we experience the sounds.

Juliana Hodkinson lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
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