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Theodor Grigoriu

Born: 1926

Died: 2014

Nationality: Romanian

Publisher: Editions Transatlantiques

Theodor Grigoriu, born in 1926 in the Danube harbour city Galatzi, was one of the central figures in the Romanian music scene of the second half of the twentieth century, both as a composer and a musicologist. Besides his broad oeuvre spanning almost all genres of classical music, Grigoriu also was a renowned film music composer.

Grigoriu’s music impresses because of its lyrical qualities which also reveal his ability to control and develop sounds in a highly dramaturgical fashion. This becomes directly clear, when one looks at a score: Grigoriu gives very specific expression markings. Though the expressive power never turns into sentiment. The lyricism of his works is spontaneous and continuous. Grigoriu himself characterises this as ‘elegiac lyricism’.

Theodor Grigoriu died on May 21 2014, leaving a rich collection of works yet to be truly appreciated outside of Romania.

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