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Franz Joseph Haydn

Born: 1732

Died: 1809

Nationality: Austrian

Publisher: Novello & Co

A prominent and prolific composer of the Classical era, Franz Joseph Haydn (known as Joseph Haydn) was boron on March 31st 1732in Rohrau, Austria. He spent much of his career in the patronage of the wealthy Esterházy family in their remote estate that, for much of his career, isolated him from the wider musical landscape. He says that this ‘forced [him] to become original’. His substantial output and contribution to musical form earned him the nicknames of ‘Father of the Symphony’ and ‘Father of the String Quartet’. He was also a good friend of Mozart and a teacher to Beethoven. He was one of the most celebrated composers in Europe when he died, aged 77, on May 31st 1809.
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