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Bent Lorentzen

Born: 1935

Died: 2018

Nationality: Danish

Photo © Lars Skaaning

Bent Lorentzen was born 1935 and studied musicology at the university in Aarhus and at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He is pupil of Knud Jeppesen, Finn Høffding, Vagn Holmboe and Jörgen Jersild. Efter his final examination he taught at the Academy of Music in Aarhus for some years. Bent Lorentzen occupies a special position in modern Danish composition music. His point of departure was the Danish tradition of the 1950s (his teachers included Vagn Holmboe and Finn Høffding). 

However, he quickly left this period behind. In the sixties electronic music inspired his creativity to take new paths, and since then innumerable other composition techniques have exerted an influence. Bent Lorentzen’s music is often characterized as "sonic", meaning that it has the actual sounds - the experience of sonority and materiality at its centre. 

Bent Lorentzen has composed in well nigh all genres. His orchestral music includes Concertos for Oboe (1980), Cello (1984), Piano (1984), Saxophone (1986), Trumpet (1991) and Violin (2001); his chamber music comprises solo works for organ, piano, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, violin, cello and double-bass, as well as string quartets and works with mixed ensembles (2-12 instruments). His choral music consists of a wealth of works in a special theatrical style. To these we can add electronic music and instrumental theatre works. Bent Lorentzen has probably had most significance as a music dramatist with fourteen operas so far, many of which have been staged abroad.
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