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 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , El Día de los Muertos  (2006) - 10 Minutes
Instrumentation 8perc
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , The Old Majestic  (1988) - 1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Instrumentation off-stage chorus; 2 Sopranos, 2 Mezzo Sopranos, Tenor, Baritone, Bass Baritone, Bass; 1(pic)1+ca.1(sx)0/01.btbn.0/2perc/
Publisher Alhambra RXR

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , Praline and Fudge  (1989) - 6 Minutes
Instrumentation Contralto or Bass; 0101/0000/hpd/str
Publisher Alhambra RXR

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , Scrooge: Concert Scenes from “A Christmas Carol”  (1994) - 18 Minutes
Instrumentation Chorus; Bass Baritone; 2(pic).2(ca).2(Ebcl/bcl).2(cbn)/2220/timp.3perc/
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , Semi-Suite (for piano 4-hands)  (1980) - 7 Minutes
Instrumentation pf, 4-hands
Publisher Alhambra RXR

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , Seven Deadly Sequences  (1990) - 15 Minutes
Instrumentation pf
Publisher Alhambra RXR

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , The Seven Deadly Sins, Ballet for Wind Ensemble and Percussion  (1984) - 17 Minutes
Instrumentation 3+pic.2(ca)2+Ebcl+acl+bcl.4sax.2/4431/4perc/2pf
Publisher Alhambra RXR

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , Sinfonia à la Mariachi  (1997) - 24 Minutes
Instrumentation orch I: 2+pic.222/4230/timp.2perc/hpd/str; orch II (Mariachi): 0000/0200/perc/hp.acn.gtr/str; orch III (optional): 2 tpt or Mariacahi band in finale
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , Six Maxims de La Rochefoucauld  (1991) - 5 Minutes
Instrumentation high vo[=medium vo], pf
Publisher Alhambra RXR

 Robert Xavier Rodríguez , The Song of Songs  (1992) - 32 Minutes
Instrumentation Soprano, Narrator; 0010/0000/perc/
Publisher Alhambra RXR
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