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 John Corigliano , Circus Maximus (Symphony No. 3 for Large Wind Ensemble)  (2004) - 35 Minutes
Instrumentation On-stage band: 4(2pic).4(ca).3+2bc+cbcl.3+cbn/4.4(2Dtpt).4.2+2euph/timp.4[=5]perc/pf.hp; Surround band:; Marching band: pic(fl), Ebcl, 2tpt, 2tbn
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra  (1977) - 29 Minutes
Instrumentation Clarinet; 3+pic.3+ca.2+bcl.3+cbn/6431/timp.3perc/ players min)
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra  (1975) - 26 Minutes
Instrumentation Oboe; 2(pic).1.2(Ebcl).2/2110/timp.3perc.xyl/[=cel]/str
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , Concerto for Piano and Orchestra  (1968) - 32 Minutes
Instrumentation Piano; 3(pic)3(ca)3(bcl)2+cbn/4331/timp.3perc/hp/str
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (“The Red Violin”)  (2003) - 35 Minutes
Instrumentation Violin; 3(2pic,afl).2.2(bcl).2(cbn)/4.2([pictpt]).3.1/timp.4perc/pf(cel).hp/str
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , Fantasia on an Ostinato (for orchestra)  (1986) - 16 Minutes
Instrumentation 3(pic[+]).3.3.3(cbn)/4431/timp.4perc/
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , Gazebo Dances (for band)  () - 16 Minutes
Instrumentation 2+pic.2.3+Ebcl+acl+bcl.2asx+tsx+barsx.2/3332+bar/timp.4perc
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , Gazebo Dances (for orchestra)  (1974) - 16 Minutes
Instrumentation 2(pic).2.2.2/4331/timp.3perc/pf/str
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , The Ghosts of Versailles  (1991) - 2 Hours, 50 Minutes
Instrumentation Cast: principals = 4S, Mz, A, 4T, 2Bar, 2B, associates = 2Mz, Bar(speaking role), B, ensemble = 4S, 2Mz, 2T, 2Bar, B; 3(2pic).3(ca).3(Ebcl,bcl).3(cbn)/4431/timp.4perc/ (min players)
Alternative Instrumentation 2(2pic).2(ca).2(Ebcl,bcl).2(cbn)/2220/timp(perc).3perc/hp,pf(cel).synth/str ( players)
Publisher G Schirmer Inc

 John Corigliano , The Mannheim Rocket  (2000) - 11 Minutes
Instrumentation 3(pic).3.3(bcl).3(cbn)/4331/timp.4perc/
Publisher G Schirmer Inc
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