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The Music Sales Classical Rental Libraries are amongst the leading commercial music libraries in the world with offices in Denmark, Australia, Spain, the UK, and the USA. The libraries contain a large collection of orchestral music, operas, ballets, and choral works. Performance materials are shipped all over the world, either direct or via one of our Rental Agents.

For dance or ballet performances, please see our licensing page. We recommend you use the ZINFONIA website for all other hire/rental enquiries. Search-results on this page link directly to Zinfonia. Registered Zinfonia users can enquire about titles, get quotes, and order performance materials directly from publishers and their agents. The Music Sales Classical Rental Libraries require ALL orders to be confirmed in writing, allowing at least one month's advance notice before materials are required in order to receive the most efficient service. Please note that orders delivered from the G. Schirmer Rental Library require a signed rental agreement returned to the library prior to the scheduled shipment date, to confirm the order.

To contact us please choose your territory from the alphabetical listing. Where your territory is not listed, please click here.


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