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News - Orchestral dance-off: Engaging families and communities with music and movement

Image: © Philipp von Ostau
Monday, April 24, 2017

Dance-inspired orchestral programming for family and community concerts

As part of our ongoing series of community programming, below are select orchestral works which derive from historical dance forms. Invite local dance academies down to the Symphony for a field trip, to show budding movers, shakers, tumblers, and ballerinas the origins of the steps they’ve been taught. Hold an outdoor, participatory workshop with choreographers and re-create the sensation of waltzing in a majestic ballroom or jigging in the English countryside. The possibilities are endless, and the works below are certain to make for a moving, communal experience.

Sergei Prokofiev
Two Pushkin Waltzes, op. 120 (4 min each)

Malcolm Arnold
Sarabande and Polka (6 min)

John Adams
The Chairman Dances (Foxtrot for Orchestra) (12 min)

Ralph Vaughan Williams
March Past of the Kitchen Utensils from “The Wasps” (4 min)

Peter Maxwell Davies
Maxwell's Reel, with Northern Lights (11 min)

Kurt Weill
Tango-Habanera (5 min)

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